Tavi Gevinson – An Inspirational Communicator

Tavi Gevinson is a communicative figure that offers plenty of inspiration for any aspiring writer. I only recently discovered who she is, yet as I delve deeper into her work and musings I am continually finding more to be motivated by. Gevinson has many characteristics that are similar to me and my upbringing: she was born only a few days after me, she is Jewish and she has an endless fascination with pop culture. It is extraordinary to me that she has already made a name for herself in the media.

Gevinson entered the public eye at the young age of 12 after critics praised her fashion blog Style Rookie. Now she has her own magazine, Rookie, has an established acting and singing career, is an influential feminist and is a motivational speaker at the age of 19 years old. She does not confine herself to one career tract or goal in life. She simply works hard to produce products that she enjoys and cares fervently about without constricting herself to societal norms.

Gevinson’s refreshing beliefs and outlooks enforce her genuine persona. She only allows for media and society to influence her in positive ways. She is unabashedly herself. She has defined a new standard of “cool” that celebrates being “nerdy” and not hiding what you are passionate about. I recently watched a short video that tours her apartment and exposes all of its quirks. It was fascinating that she surrounds herself in a space full of belongings that inspire her. Her home embodies a beautiful mess made of posters and knick-knacks. Each little object or decoration holds some importance or deeper value to her. In a speech she gave at University of Wisconsin-Madison last year, she emphasized that artists too often pressure themselves to be unique. She has always built upon previous cultural icons and qualities that have excited her. She explains that this practice is not unoriginal, bad, or unworthy at all. It is healthy and vitalizing and great source for inspiration.

Gevinson’s unconventional voice holds within its context a vast array of blossoming ideas and inspirations that motivate her every day. She actively uses her power as a prominent feminist and creative icon in the media to inspire others. She relishes and celebrates her bizarre qualities that make her distinctive. Tavi Gevinson captures authenticity in its purist form.

Tavi Gevinson (image courtesy of Creative Commons)

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